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Information of interest in the offshore industry is kept here.

Kongsberg HAIN

HAIN (Hydroacoustically Aided Inertial Navigation) is a recent innovation from Kongsberg Maritime that provides much improved navigation of surface and underwater vehicles when used in conjunction with Kongsberg's HPR/HiPAP sonar positioning systems and APOS.  It is also an essential part of the Hugin project.

We published this note about time synchronisation in the HAIN system way back in 2008.  It was not documented anywhere else at the time, but it may only be of historical interest now.

Kongsberg HiPAP - Channel planning

HiPAP analogue transponder frequencies always present a challenge when more than one vessel needs to use transponders in the same area.  Here is a document that expands on the information in the Kongsberg manual, suggesting some strategies and tables that can be used to create a channel plan with the minimum of interference.  There is a PDF version that is useful for printing out, or download an ODF version or MS Word version if you would like to make your own improvements.

Note by the author:  I’ve come across clients who had downloaded this document and included it in their own documentation.  I’m very flattered by that.  I wasn’t so flattered by the fact that there was no attribution to Sealand, and our copyright notice had been removed.  By all means use this information that we have provided in a public forum, but treat it with the proper respect.

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